Marisa (microphonecheck) wrote in debating_yaks,

A curious question

I've been reading all the gay marriage posts below, and find that the only reason people don't support it (or rather, homosexuality in general) is by stipulation of their religious beliefs. I'm unsure of what the stance is of other religions, but in the Christian Bible, I recall reading in Leviticus, in a moral code of conduct, "thou shall not lie with a man as he lies with a woman.." (I'm paraphrasing here...) But in that exact same code, it also says that you shouldn't wear clothes made with more than one type of thread, or plant more than one type of crop in a field. So if you don't like homosexuals, don't wear stretch jeans either, am I right? So here comes my curiosity: Why is it OK to pull out one part of the Bible, take it literally, and use it to hate a group of people? Sorry if that was broad, but I've always wanted to hear the rationalization of this from some people. OK, now you may attack me as you wish....
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