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Can you help us googlebomb to support a pro-Kerry site?

We're working on raising the google ranking of, a site designed to set the record straight about Kerry's consistent position on Iraq. If you can take a minute to paste our banner and key words on a webpage or in LJ User info, we'd really appreciate it (google ranks a site based on how many sites link to it and include its key search terms). We've already heard from undecided voters who say that now that they've seen the site and know the truth about what Kerry has been saying about Iraq, they'll vote for him, and from Dems and volunteers who are grateful to have it as a resource. It's clear the site is useful, and we want to make it easier to find.

Kerry on Iraq War

The truth about John Kerry's consistent position on the Iraq war. John Kerry hasn't been flip-flopping. George Bush just hasn't been listening.

What it is: We debunk the GOP's efforts to distort Kerry's position on Iraq, including the "Flipper" smear video ( and lay out the information about what Kerry has really been saying clearly, to make it accessible.

Why this is important: The GOP has created a false image of Kerry as a flip-flopper, as a dodge for Bush to hide behind. Bush invoked the flip-flop lie repeatedly during the first debate. Polls show the flip-flop myth has had a huge impact on undecided voters. E-mail to our site shows that if people can find us, it will help. We get a lot of hits through Yahoo, where we're now #1 (the GOP's anti-Kerry Flipper video site has been pushed to #2), so it's clear people are looking for info on Kerry and Iraq. But we're very low on google, and we're trying to fix it. <

What we need: Just paste the banner on a webpage (telling other people about the site helps too). We've revised the banner to include search words to make it more effective, so if you pasted it before, please replace it. Just remove all the asterisks from the code below (or go to the site and copy the code from there). If you don't want to put the whole banner up, the URL plus the phrase "Kerry On Iraq War" will do it.

<*a href=""*>

<*img src=""

ALT="Kerry on Iraq War"



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